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Experience unparalleled efficiency and versatility with Fraqtals' 3-Pod, 6-Station Shop Combo. This comprehensive package includes three Pro Pods, each equipped with advanced features for precise and efficient screen printing. The Print Pro Pods feature Off Contact adjustment to fine-tune the space between the shirt and screen, ensuring optimal print quality. With a total of six printing stations, users can effortlessly handle high-volume printing jobs with ease. The Pro Rack provides convenient storage and organization for screens, ensuring quick access and seamless workflow. Designed for maximum productivity and minimal footprint, this combo is perfect for businesses seeking to optimize their screen printing operations while conserving space. From its modular design to its user-friendly features, the Fraqtals 3-Pod, 6-Station combo offers unmatched performance and efficiency for professional screen printing applications.

3 Pro Pod Combo

$8,044.00 Regular Price
$7,844.00Sale Price
  • 3-Pro Pods ( 6 stations, 15"x20" platens)

    1- Q-Rack Pro

    1- Choice of Flash It or Press It heating attachments


    12- Registration Brackets

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