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Our Print-N-Paint Package is out the box, ready to host the perfect P-N-P party! Equipped with easels, paint, exposed screens and Fraqtals Q1 Print Pod! Great for businesses, clubs & bars looking to expand their event roster with a fun interactive wearable art showcase.  Don’t have much space but want the freedom of unlimited colors and projects? The Q1 has your name written all over it! The PLUS kit comes with the Xposure Mod to expose screens right in the Buddy Bench.

When you're ready to upgrade, we have a package for you!

(Footprint: 54" x 30")


This package containes:

1- Fraqtal Pod (1 station 15”x20”)

1-Buddy Bench

1-Infrared  Flash Arm (16”x16”)

8- Registration brackets & hardware

6- Easels 16in x 24in (12 art stations)

15- 16oz assorted premium acrylic paint bottles

4- Exposed screens with P-N-P stencils

12- Premium ringspun cotton shirts (2-Small, 3-Medium, 3-Large, 3-XLarge, 1-2XL)


*Access to Fraqtals growing collection of stencils 




1-Xposure Mod (100 watt UV LED)


*monthly subscription available

P-N-P Q1 Event Pack

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$4,435.00 Regular Price
$4,360.00Sale Price
  • -Scalable design

    Add print stations as business grows

    -Unlimited colors

    Free registration systems allows for unlimited simultaneous projects 

    -Print On The Go

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