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Apparel Academy

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What is Fraqtals Apparel Academy

Fraqtals Apparel Academy is an innovative business model that provides a shared facility for brands and entrepreneurs to access screen printing equipment and other apparel manufacturing resources. Our facility is fully equipped with Fraqtals state-of-the-art screen printing presses, embroidery machines, and other apparel production equipment, as well as workspace and storage areas. Customers can pay a membership fee to access our facility, which includes unlimited use of our equipment and resources, as well as expert guidance from our team of skilled technicians. Our technicians will assist customers with everything from design creation and screen setup to printing and production. In addition to equipment access, customers will have access to a variety of training resources and industry knowledge, including workshops and seminars on topics such as marketing, brand building, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Leasing Options

In addition to membership access, Fraqtals Apparel Academy can also be leased by schools, facilities, or franchises to provide access to our equipment and resources. We offer customized leasing options to meet the specific needs of each customer, whether it's for a short-term project or a long-term manufacturing operation. Customers who lease our equipment will still have access to our team of skilled technicians, as well as our training resources and industry knowledge. This allows customers to expand their manufacturing capabilities without the high costs associated with purchasing and maintaining their own equipment.

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