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A Vision of Innovation

 Welcome to the FRAQTALS crowdfunding campaign, where we're embarking on a journey that's nothing short of revolutionary. By joining our crowdfunding campaign, you're not only supporting innovation and empowering creators but also getting a chance to win exciting rewards.


Our mission is clear: We're on a quest to redefine screen printing technology and empower creators worldwide. But, we can't do it alone. We need your support to bring FRAQTALS Print Pods to life on a larger scale. This crowdfunding campaign is your ticket to make history with us.

Our goal is to raise $50k in 2 months!


Why Contribute?


1. Fuel Innovation: Your contribution will directly fund the manufacturing of FRAQTALS Print Pods and empowering future entrepreneurs.


2. Protecting Progress: We're committed to securing our intellectual property. A portion of your contribution will go towards completing the patent process, safeguarding our innovations.


3. Raffle Rewards: As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a unique raffle-based incentive. Depending on your contribution tier, you could win fantastic prizes, including FRAQTALS merchandise, exclusive access to our Apparel Academy, or even a FRAQTALS Print Pod of your own!


The Raffle Tiers


1. Innovator Tier $10: Being an innovator comes with style! Our Print-N-Paint Box brings creating wearable art to the comfort of your home! For your contribution, you'll receive an entry into our raffle valued at $100, plus our heartfelt gratitude.


2. Visionary Tier $40: Win an unforgettable Print-N-Paint Party, a $750 value. In addition to your raffle entry, you'll receive exclusive FRAQTALS merchandise and a personalized thank-you card.


3. Trailblazer Tier ($50): As a Trailblazer, You get a chance to Win 100 Customer shirts for your business or brand, a $1,000 value. Also, you'll earn  raffle entries of the lower tiers, FRAQTALS merchandise, a thank-you card, and the unique opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility.


4. Revolutionary Tier ($100): Your contribution at this level grants you the chance to win a Fraqtals Print Pod, a $3,000 value and entries of lower tier raffles. This entry also includes a thank-you card, a manufacturing facility tour, and *complimentary access to our innovative Apparel Academy.

Raffle Drawings will be held LIVE on Instagram TBA date/time.

5. Proud To Donation:

Elevate your support by choosing our "Proud to Donate" option. This is your chance to go above and beyond and make an additional contribution to FRAQTALS. It's a way to proudly demonstrate your commitment to innovation in screen printing. Your generosity not only supports our mission but also showcases your dedication. Plus, "Proud to Donate" contributors will have their names featured on our website and at our facility, becoming a visible part of the FRAQTALS family. Join us in making a statement and accelerate the revolution in youth entrepreneurship. Your extra contribution, no matter the amount, makes a significant impact. Thank you for being proud to pay it forward!

Your contribution directly supports our mission of affordability and accessibility. By reducing upfront costs and providing a collaborative workspace, Fraqtals Apparel Academy will level the playing field and empower talented individuals who may have previously been limited by financial constraints.

Moreover, your support will fuel our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. We will prioritize eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and energy efficiency, ensuring that our impact on the environment remains minimal.

Join us in transforming the apparel industry by becoming a donor to Fraqtals Apparel Academy. Together, we can ignite a wave of creativity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Your contribution will make a tangible difference and empower a new generation of fashion leaders. Pledge your support today and be a part of our transformative journey.

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