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The FRAQTALS system is the most innovative manual screen-printing press in the industry. One of its most important attributes is that it solves the critical registration problem by creating a process in which you only need to align and secure your project on the frame one time. If you need to, you can remove a project without disturbing the registration, set it aside and come back to it exactly where you left off. 

In addition to one-time registration (made possible by brackets mounted to the screen with bolts and hand tightened knobs. The brackets fit into registration eyelets that permanently secure registration until the project is ready to be removed), the FRAQTALS system introduces two additional time, money, and space saving innovations to the standard screen-printing process:1) the ability to remove and exchange components, making it possible for the core of the machine to function as a stand-alone printing unit, or in collaboration with other pieces of the unit; 2) the trolley system that carries the flash dryer. This mechanism slides from station to station and has the capability of rotating 360 degrees; and 3) multi-user capacity- many users can work at the same time.

Think of the FRAQTALS system as peas in a pod. The frame, or POD, includes the trolley, a flash dryer arm, and spaces to connect up to three single printing Fraqtal units. The Fraqtals can be used as stand-alone units or part of a multi-unit system. An initial investment in one POD (Q1)can accommodate up to three double-sided Fraqtals. Each Fraqtal can be easily added or removed to meet the needs of the user(s) and the project. Fraqtals can be customized to attach hundreds  creating a network of mass production. 

fraqtal full.png
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